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SmartOASYS - Water Quality Monitoring system using IoT - PaaS


SmartOASYS is IoT based Water Quality Monitoring, for Smart City infrastructure. SmartOASYS industrial IoT solutions benefits : Hospitality, Agriculture, Fish Farms and Facility Management companies. SmartOASYS solutions are delivered using Industrial IoT Gateway, IoT Modules, Dashboard, BMS Integration and implemented at site by trained personnels.  



Provisional Patent Application: Submitted

SmartOASYS - IoT Vertical Solutions  (Smart Water & Smart Agriculture)

Smart OASYS-  IoT Vertical Gateway is an intelligent Industrial IoT gateway system which allows easy integration of sensors based on MODBUS, Proprietary Wireless protocols (Sub GHz, LoRA etc) with IOT platforms or cloud using Ethernet or GSM (Optional). 

The application platform can access the sensor data either using SNMP protocol or Gateway can communicate with standard platforms using industry standard protocols HTTP(REST), MQTT.  Smart OASYS-  IoT Gateway  also supports wireless sensors through its 868MHz ISM band interface. It supports a host of wireless environmental sensors, eliminating the need for a wired connection. 
Humidity sensors at the preset intervals and makes it available to the user over SNMP protocol.
Smart OASYS-  IoT Gateway  as gateway can also be configured for connecting to Cloud / IOT platforms using industry standard HTTP(REST), MQTT. This allows transfer of sensor data to Cloud platforms using REST API. The remote management of devices etc is achieved with the inbuilt proprietary software.

Key sensor interface features:
1. Modbus Supports up to 8 smart power meters, in-line power meters
2. PDU connector Allows connection of 2 nos of PDUs
3. THS Bus Supports up to 16 environmental sensors such as Temperature and Humidity sensor, Water leak detector, Air velocity meter etc.  Access control sensors such as smart keypad, smart card reader, door open sensor, motion detector etc
4. Relay contacts 2 relay output ports for controlling flashing beacons, or electronic  handles etc
5. Wireless Interface: Supports up to 12 Wireless sensors over 868Mhz ISM band interface.

Architectural Diagram - Smart OASYS-  IoT Gateway 

Dashboard Diagram: SmartOASYS Water Monitoring Dashboard connected to

Open Technology & Standards used Smart OASYS IoT Gateway -Platform as Service 

Ethernet Port (SNMP) 
Interface RJ45 (10BASE-T)      10 Mbps or 10/100 Mbps network compatible 
Supported Protocols    UDP/IP (SNMP) , HTTP(REST), MQTT,

Connector Screw Terminal Connector          MSTB 3POS 5.08 SERIES

Proprietary THS port for Wired sensors
Connector                                      Screw Terminal Connector MSTB 3POS 5.08 SERIES
Supported Protocol                      Proprietary MODBUS like protocol with Power

Wireless Interface
Wireless Interface                                    868MHz ISM band LoRa (Optional) 
Supported Protocols                                    Proprietary protocol

General Specifications
Voltage requirements 24 V/ 500 mA DC 
Internal Storage                                            1 GB of Flash Memory
Time Stamp                                                  On board Real-time Clock
Dimensions / Form factor                              19” 1 U Sub rack
Operating temperature                                  -10°C to 60°C

Open Source Eclipse Open Source MQTT protocol 

SmartOASYS - IoT Data Analytics Dashboard for Water Monitoring system using IoT-PaaS 

Application to a specific Industry for SmartOASYS - Dashboard 
1. SmartOASYS - IoT Data Analytics Dashboard for Municipality   

Our  SmartOASYS Water Monitoring System using IoT Platform as Services
help(s) Municipalities, Corporations and Public Water Supply Departments 
who want to upgrade their legacy water monitoring systems   
for reducing water pollution 
and improving Public Health, Public Safety and Environment standards

Further details:

2. SmartOASYS - 
IoT Data Analytics Dashboard for Agricultural Hydroponic Farmers

Our  SmartOASYS Water Monitoring System using IoT Platform as Services
help(s) Agricultural Hydroponic Farmers
who want to upgrade their legacy water monitoring systems   
for reducing fertilizers, pesticides , soil-mass, weeds and water intake
and improves nutrient efficiency and 2x Growth rate.

Core Team: 
K Shahnawaz Khan - CTO - INVENTOR  @  SmartOASYS
   Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Researcher, Idea to Product builder, Designer 
   Founder Director at Funambolo Technologies Private Ltd, Bangalore, India

K Nazeem - COO @ SmartOASYS

   Electronics and Telecom Engineer, 20 years in Renewables and Water
   Founder CEO at Kamati GreenTech LLP , Bangalore, India

Kabir Mohammad Golam - CEO  @ SmartOASYS

   Entrepreneur, Telecom Engineer, Management, Researcher & Founder.
   Founder & CEO at IGTS Software Services FZCO, DTEC, DSO, Dubai, UAE

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Finalist Open IoT Challenge 4.0
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Provisional Patent Application: Submitted

SmartOASYS - Water Quality Monitoring system using IoT - PaaS